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Hearty Soups

Single Serving (12 oz.) Size:    $8.50
One Quart (32 oz.) Size:          $18.50   
Half Gallon (64 oz.) Size:          $31            

Black Bean Soup_edited.png
Broccoli Soup comp_edited.png
Tomato Bisque comp_edited.png
corn chowder comp_edited_edited.png
 Cuban Style Black Bean Soup

Earthy organic black beans, simmered in a rich vegetarian stock and seasoned with cumin, garlic, oregano, onions and a touch of sherry.  (Vegan)

Broccoli & Cheddar Chowder

Made with loads of fresh broccoli, chuncks of potato, and aged Cheddar cheese, this rich and delicious soup is comfort in a bowl.


Roasted Tomato Bisque

A gourmet version of a childhood favorite, this mouthwatering soup is made with oven-roasted tomatos and onions, a touch of fresh cream, and seasoned with garlic, basil and sherry.  (Vegetarian)

Sweet Corn & Potato Chowder

This rich, creamy chowder is made with sweet corn, chunks of potato and carrot, and a touch of fresh cream.  (Vegetarian)

Split Pea_edited.png
Butternut Squash Soup_edited_edited.jpg
Beef & Bean Chili_edited.jpg
Chicken Soup_edited.jpg
Red Lentil Soup.png
Split Pea with Ham

A hearty and satisfying soup made with organic split green peas, carrots, potatos and ham, in a rich  stock. (A vegan version is also available.)

Harvest Butternut Squash Soup

Rich butternut squash simmered with vegetable stock, and a blend of warm spices, including cinnimon, nutmeg, and ginger. Finised with a touch of cream. (Vegetarian)

Hearty Beef & Bean Chili

Boasting a complex blend of spices, this

flavorful chili is loaded with seasoned beef, fresh vegetables, and three types of organic beans.

Roasted Chicken & Vegetable

Made with chunks of chicken and loads of roasted vegetables, including carrots, onions, celery, zuchini, peppers, and potatoes. A comforting cold weather treat.

African Spiced Red Lentil Soup

Made with organic red lentils, simmered in a rich vegetable stock and seasoned with warm, North African spices including coriander, cumin, cinnamon, ginger and a touch of cayenne.  (Vegan)

Southwestern Four Bean Chili

A hearty meatless four-bean chili loaded with tomatoes, corn, carrots, onions, celery and peppers. Seasoned with Southwestern spices and finished with a touch of extra virgin olive oil.  (Vegan)

Spanish Style Gazpacho

This refreshing seasonal summer soup is made with fresh ripe tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion and fresh garlic. Seasoned with cumin and sherry vinegar and finished with extra virgin olive oil.  (Vegan)

Carrot and Ginger Soup

A velvety puree of roasted carrots simmered with vegetable broth, fresh cream and butter, onions, garlic and fresh ginger, with a blend of warm spices.  (Vegetarian)

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